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Tree pruning and tree removal(832) 466-2317

Tree pruning and tree removal


Tree pruning and tree removalPROFESSIONAL TO THE CORE
Established in [1990], LEON TREE SERVICE has been in business since 1990 and has, since achieved what many other tree service companies haven't, the most important achievment for us, has been and it will continue to be "BEING ABLE TO PROVIDE EXCELLENT AND AFFORDABLE TREE SERVICES" To Katy, TX, and surrouding Cities. Our tree climbers and technicians are well trained and will be able to take on any tree, BIG or Small, and no job is too big or too small for us, we will come to your property and give you a free estimate, we will also be able to get the job done fast, so, give us a try, you won't regret it. More than a tree service company, we take our work seriuosly and put customers first. Please remember to give us a call if you need anything regarding tree services, we offer tree removal tree trimming, tree topping, tree shaping, brush hauling, STORM DAMAGE SERVICE, ETC. Call us first and see what Leon Tree Service can do for you.

Tree pruning and tree removalTESTIMONIALS
"After coming home to find a tree had fallen on my house, I called LEON TREE SERVICE. I figured it would take several days and cost me a fortune – neither was true. They got to me quickly, tree removal was quick and safe, I was impressed with the method used to remove the tree and how the tree was ground down and reduced to chips that can be used as mulch around my flower beds, I was also impressed with the method used to get rid of the tree stump, they made it look easy!, they are very professional, skilled, they have the best equipment, and they were kind enough to cut up the tree, leaving it for firewood. I will defenetely use Leon Tree Service again whenever I have another tree fallen on my house or when my other trees need any attention. GREAT TREE SERVICE!!!."- Alicia M


Tree pruning and tree removalTREE TRIMMING

Tree pruning and tree removalPALM TRIMMING

TREE and PALM TRIMMING – Is a very dangerous job if you don't have the skills to climb, trim and specially if you don't have the proper equipment, so, this is why this kind of work should be left to professionals like us, we have the skills and expertize to perform any tree service job, so, contact us today for a Free Estimate. LEARN MORE.

Tree pruning and tree removalTREE REMOVAL

Tree service you can trustTREE TOPPING

MORE THAN JUST TREE REMOVAL AND TOPPING – Maintaining trees around your property should be taken seriously, let Leon Tree Service handle all your emergency storm damage, seasonal tree trimming, and all other tree related services, our tree specialists are here to help you. If you need Lawn Services, contact us for more information and to get a free quote.

Tree pruning and tree removalSTUMP REMOVAL

Tree service you can trustBRUSH REMOVAL

TREE STUMP REMOVAL and BRUSH REMOVAL – Are part of our busines, whenever you cut down a tree you should remove the tree stump to make sure it does nor represent a danger to others, we understand the process and can safely remove your tree stump. Also if you have any brush or tree limbs around your property, we can haul them away. Contact us for a Free Estimate or to LEARN MORE.